Premises Liability

Premises Liability

Louisiana Slip-and-Fall Lawyers

When you enter or step onto private or public property in Louisiana, you have a legal right to a safe environment. When injuries due to an owner or manager’s negligence occur, you may be able to sue for needed and deserved compensation.

Our attorneys at Clayton, Frugé, & Ward have decades of experience handling dangerous property and injury cases in southern Louisiana. We have handled cases involving a broad range of property, including:

  • Residential property, such as private homes, apartment buildings and complexes, townhouse developments and condominium complexes
  • Commercial property such as retail stores, manufacturing and industrial sites and office buildings, complexes and parks
  • Storage facilities
  • Sidewalks and parking lots
  • Supermarkets and big box stores

Before teaming up with Tony Clayton, Michael Frugé used to represent property owners, including one of the largest home improvement chains in the nation, and other large clients. Therefore, we know how property owners and their attorneys handle claims and we are able to anticipate their tactics.

For experienced, aggressive and results-driven legal help following an injury occurring on property in Louisiana, contact our firm today.